Sharon Osbourne Gets Stuck on Private Jet In Mexico After Leaving Passport at Home

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Sharon Osbourne had quite the weekend.

The Talk co-host, 65, was all set to join husband, Ozzy Osbourne, for a show in Mexico on Friday but forgot one important thing — her passport.

While for most people this would mean a missed flight and wasted trip to the airport, as Sharon flew to Mexico City on a private jet, she did not realize her passport was at home until they touched down over the border.

This left her stranded inside the luxury plane as Mexican immigration officials were not about to let her enter the country without the important travel document.

The talk show host revealed her big mistake on social media on Tuesday.

“Ozzy on his way to Mexico and performing in front of 80,000 people and I had to miss the whole thing as I forgot my passport at home in the U.S. ‬ ‪Photos: @RossHalfin‬,” she captioned two pictures on Instagram of Ozzy, 69, sitting on the private plane and performing at his concert.

Sharon shared more details about her traveling mishap during her show, The Talk, on Tuesday.

“I was on that plane, and we landed in Mexico City at like twenty to six in the evening on Friday and I realized I had forgotten my passport,” recalled Osbourne.

She continued: “So the first thing you think of is, ‘Oh. If I sit here, I can get somebody to bring me my passport. I’ll sit here for five hours. We’re in the airport, and then I can go through immigration. Well, no. I couldn’t.”

Sharon Osbourne

The talk show host went on to say that “they wanted to put [her] in a holding tank.”

“Ozzy had a show to get to and all of the guys were going to the show, he had to leave me,” explained Osbourne. “And so I’m there with the pilot, and then, we were saying, ‘Somebody will come with the passport.’ They said, ‘No you can’t. It doesn’t work that way. You have to leave the country.’”

Added Osbourne: “But you can’t get on a plane without your passport! This was a private plane, but if you want to go on a commercial airline, you need your passport to get back to America, so the airlines wouldn’t take me. So I’m stuck.”


However, after finally agreeing to let Osbourne’s private jet take her back home to Los Angeles, the airport closed, leaving Osbourne to sit on the runway until the next day.

“So then we said, ‘Okay. This plane will take me home. Fine,’” shared Osbourne. “So they refilled the plane and the authorities there were saying, ‘Fine. You can just leave. Fill the plane and go.’ Well they knew that the airport was going to close, and so they closed the airport, and I was sat on the runway in the plane.”

She continued: “I was sat there from twenty to six until 10:30 the next morning because they kept saying, ‘You can leave. You can leave. The airport opens at 6:00, 6:30, so then you can leave.’ Well no. I couldn’t leave. They still said, ‘You can’t leave. We’ve got paperwork to do on you.’ ‘Okay. Alright.’”

Osbourne said she eventually landed in L.A. on Saturday afternoon.


Although, Sharon and Ozzy’s marriage seems stronger than ever, back in May 2016, the couple split after 33 years of marriage when reports surfaced that the Black Sabbath musician had an affair, allegedly with his hairstylist.

But two months later, Sharon publicly forgave her husband in July 2016 and informed fans that the pair were working on reconciling their marriage: “I forgive. It’s going take a long time to trust, but we’ve been together 36 years, 34 of marriage … I just can’t think of my life without him,” she said at the time.

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